We get asked a lot of plastering questions from our clients, we’ve put this page together so we can answer some of the more common queries. We’re always happy to give our professional advice, please get in touch if you have any questions.

What preparation do I need to do before you arrive?

Answer: Please make sure all furniture is removed from the room where possible, also make sure there’s a clear pathway for us to gain access to the work area.

Will there be a lot of dust?

Answer: There will be some dust especially if we need to prepare the walls prior to plastering, for example removing loose paint or removing old dried plaster. The actual job of applying wet plaster does leave some dust but we make sure to keep a clean work area.

Can we plaster on any wall?

Answer: It’s not always possible to just skim on a wall, if it’s in bad condition or just brick then it might need plasterboarding first. This is vital if you want to get a nice smooth finish.

Do I need to remove carpets?

Answer: No, we can cover carpets and other types of floor with plastic floor protection.

When can I paint on the walls?

Answer: Plasterboard can take 2-3 days to dry after being plastered, it can take longer for other surfaces. We would always recommend waiting 1 week after plastering before painting.

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